Sony Playstation 3

The Sony Playstation 3, the best system out there?

If you compare tech specs with any other system the PS3 has won by a mile.  To begin with it has the now famous Cell Processor that runs at 3.2GHZ.  It supports Blu-Ray, DTS and a vast amount of other home theater options.  It has an internet browser that runs on a Linux format.  To top all these great features every thing you buy for it uses a Bluetooth connection.

Now, that's a pretty impressive list.  I am very happy to use my PS3 as a home theater system.  When you weed your way through all the great features this system has it's just a glorified Blu-Ray player.  The Blu-Ray was supposed to be the best feature about this system.  Truth is, it's still the best feature.  The problem is Sony does not use this wonderful option to their advantage. 

Imagine if every game Sony as a dev/publisher released used most if not all of the disk space they had.  What kind of wonderful games could we have?  Would they be full of great game content? Or maybe they might be an interactive movie.  Then from the other side of the fence maybe the reason we have not seen the full power of the PS3 is because Sony is not ready to show us yet.

What about the online feature?  Well, 'free' comes with a price.  The online play of the PS3 is by far a broken system.  I don't like to complain about the system in general.  Considering that they were two years late jumping into the new online game world they should have done it right. 

There are a ton more things I could say about the PS3.  Really, whats the point?  People are gonna have the system of their choice no matter what the facts tell them.  Thats a good thing, thats what keeps the gaming world on its toes. It creates competition, and competition in the gaming world means satisfaction for the gamers.


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