It Just Seems Odd

You know for the longest time some things have just been written in stone. The sky is blue. Grass is green. New movies come out on Tuesdays and new games come out on Tuesday or Thursday.

I guess that’s why it just seems odd to me that games and movies both are now starting to come out on Sundays. Mercenaries 2 came out on a Sunday. Spore came out on a Sunday and it seems that there may be one that I’m missing. Also the movie Kung Fu Panda will be releasing on a Sunday in November. I guess things are always going to change but the biggest things are now one of the big sources for game news.

Seven Eleven stores have been breaking news over the past couple of months. That’s right. Go in, get a Big Gulp and find out the latest gaming news. That’s just weird I think. Then again maybe I am just weird. I don’t know that you can really say this is a ‘blog’ but either way it just seems a bit odd.


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