This World of Ours: US Election '08 (Chromehounds Remix)

Here we have the inaugural edition of “This World of Ours”.  Following is an entirely fictional account of real events that haven't happened.  Also I will ensure that due to the somewhat sensitive nature of the topic of Politics that I will end it appropriately so that no one can be offended, and if you are?  I'm sorry.

Read on!

History of the World

  • 1985: Elite Mercenary Force BCCJ formed.
  • 1986: Canada is absorbed into the United States of America.
  • 1990: Canadian Rebellion begins.
  • 1991: First 'Hounds used.
  • 1993: BCCJ Mercenaries hired by both sides of War.
  • 2000: Canada regains Soviergnity, with the added territory of New England.
  • 2004:  President George Bush begins covert war codenamed “BD5K” to regain New England from Canada.
  • July 2008: BD5K is now known as the Reclamation War and is close to causing World War 3.  New election to be held, with Senator Barrack Obama as the Democratic Candidate and Senator John McCain as the Republican Candidate.
  • October 21, 2008: Fable 2 released.

November 7th, 2008

After counting and recounting the ballots, it appears that it was a dead tie between the two Senators.  A strange note is that this is the first year that a candidate has received 10% of the vote by being written in, with MacGyver coming in suprisingly strong in the South.  Due to the incredibly long odds of a tie being reached in a presidential election, there is no statute for what should be done.  A second vote was held on the 5th of November to determine how a victor should be chosen, and the populace replied with more voter turnout than even in the Presidential Election.

A 1v1 Hound Battle was decided the best course of action, due to the nature of the world stage.

Preparation – November '08 to January '09

Issued the directive by President George Bush, the two Candidates set forth to create their Hounds, The Ultimate Politcal Fighting Machines.  Over the course of the next 2 months, the gigantic machines took shape.  Sen. Obama went with a Inverse Chassis, while Sen. McCain went with Hover Chassis.

Barrack Obama's Hound Build List: The Agent of Change

  • Chassis: MSK-RJ401
  • Cockpit: C-Naml
  • Generator: RFZ-GE-A3
  • Armaments
    • MSK-SR200 Sniper Rifle (3x)
    • RFZ-WAR-3 Assault Rifle (3x)
    • RFZ-WHW-2 Howitzer (1x)
    • MSK-MT10 Mortar (1x) Configured for Flash Bangs

John McCain's Hound Build List: Ghost of Nam

  • Chassis: MSK-HL600
  • Cockpit: M02CK Pickett
  • Generator: RFZ-GE-A2
  • Armaments
    • MSK-SG101 Shotgun (2x)
    • MSK-RL100 Rocket Launcher (2x)
    • RFZ-WCN-2 Cannon (2x)

The Showdown – January 13, 2009

And so it comes down to this.  An epic showdown between two individuals for who will gain control of the United States of America.  The battlefield is a hilly area of the Great Plains, with hundreds of open miles.  The two contenders will begin 2 miles from each other, with a ridge between them.  If either leaves the 8 square mile battleground for longer than 15 minutes, they will be declared Forfeiting.  Ready? Begin!

Obama starts with a dead sprint towards the dominating hill in the middle, in an attempt to gain the moral high ground over McCain.  Meanwhile, 2 miles away, McCain is having a senior moment and thinks that the observation camp is a Viet-Cong encampment and fires a salvo of rockets into it.  Tragically, over 2/3 of the United States Congress were present as well as both Vice Presidential Candidates, there were no survivors.  Suddenly, a shot rings out from the grassy knoll and McCain takes a slug to the chassis, whipping him around.  With the concussion of the shot still ringing in his ears, McCain returns to the modern day world and sets off towards Obama's position.  As McCain closes, Obama tries unsuccessfuly to hit him, as he has very little training in any sort of weaponry short of words.  McCain closes in, firing wildly managed to land him a few hits on Obama.  They square off for half an hour firing blindly and hoping for a kill, but to no avail.  At this point they are out of ammo and start ramming each other, hoping for a miracle.  As McCain backs up to get a good run on Obama, a large explosion rips through The Agent of Change, obliterating the hound and sending turf flying for hundreds of yards.  McCain doesn't have time to realize what has happened by the time a similair explosion rends his mech in twain.

The Victor? Chuck Norris.

Vote smart, or Chuck will change your vote.


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  1. junegore October 20, 2008 at 10:27 pm -

    Nice post I had a good time reading it. I’m eager to see what else can come out of that head of yours. On a side not I don’t know who would complain about that ending.

  2. junegore October 20, 2008 at 5:27 pm -

    Nice post I had a good time reading it. I’m eager to see what else can come out of that head of yours. On a side not I don’t know who would complain about that ending.

  3. El Colombiano October 22, 2008 at 1:56 am -

    lol…very nice read man…totally didnt see chuck norris coming out of nowhere

  4. El Colombiano October 21, 2008 at 8:56 pm -

    lol…very nice read man…totally didnt see chuck norris coming out of nowhere