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It seems like every single game or movie that comes out today has a ‘Special Edition’.  Why?  It doesn’t make the game/movie any better.

I know you’re thinking, “Yes it does,” but the answer is, “no it doesn’t”.  I know these days in ‘special editions’ developers put in special items and DLC that can only be in your possession through that specific ‘edition’ of the game.  The question is, does it really change it?  Most items that get put in are cosmetic or can be obtained in the game through progression or ingame currency.  Now with DLC taking off the way it has that is another way of getting it.   In my opinion it is a waste of money.  I have bought several collector editions of games and enjoyed them all.

So look at this logically for a minute.   If you’re not getting content, what are you getting?  A box.  That’s right, a box.  Developers are going to charge you an extra ten to twenty dollars for a box and maybe a key chain or a special piece of paper.  Granted as of late they are improving greatly, but not the price.  Developers have started to take things over board.  I.E. Fable 2.  That game’s special edition started off as an insane bunch of stuff.  The fate cards, the special box, the in game content  and even a Hobbe figure.  There was so much content they had to price it sky high.  A mere week before release they cut it back to next to nothing.

What does it say when a developer can’t even dictate what we will get and what we won’t.  I Am now starting to see more than just the average Special Edition.  Now company’s like Dice are offering even more limited material if you pre-order through them.  If you pre-order Mirror’s Edge you get a handy little knap sack, but if you pre-order through Dice you get a carry bag that retails for 200 dollars.  WOW!  I think that special editions are cool and all, but come on why would you want a 200 dollar carry bag from a game.  Bragging rights, that’s why.  That’s the next big reason to get a SE.

How cool is it to say “Yeah I got the SE.”  You know when you pre-order or straight out buy the SE that’s the first thing you’re going to say.  It becomes a pissing contest to see who got it and who did not.  If you did not get it, well you are missing out.  The truth is if you don’t get the SE you’re still getting the same game.  Really when you think about all the crap that comes in an SE it serves no purpose whatsoever.  Honestly, what do you do with it after you get it?  Put it on a shelf somewhere and forget about it.  I bought the Legendary Edition of Halo 3 and I can’t find anything to do with that stupid Master Chief head.  It seems like everywhere I put it it’s just in the way.  Maybe I’ll turn it into an ash tray.

So I guess the point is the only reason we keep getting SE’s is because we keep buying them.  Then again it’s a matter of opinion and I guess that’s mine.


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