E3:Nintendo Style

So they started off the presser with Cammie Dunaway coming out. She makes me sick looking at her. Anyway, she is talking about how Mario has evolved blah, blah, blah. Then she say that Mario is not in 3d, but in 4d. What? She is talking about New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii.

At first I was wonder if she had went more crazy since last year. Then she says that it is a Mario game with 2d graphics and 4 player co-op. Redemption? Yes. I comes out this holiday season. Then some talking up of Wii Fit. Then they announce 6 new activities. WOW! It’s called Wii Fit Plus. It will come out in the Fall. Now out comes Reggie Fils-Aime. He of course starts talking up the Wii and how it is so amazing. He is trying to talk up the Motion Plus. It seems no one really cares after the announcement of Project Natal. Then we have another awkward moment o Reggie playing the new Wii Sports Resort. He then moves on to Virtua Tennis and Red Steel 2. Now he moves into RPG’s He says “Square Enix enough said.”

Of course it’s a Final Fantasy game. What else would it be? FF:Crystal Bearers. The also Kingdom Hearts for the DS. On to a few DS titles. Golden Sun DS, Mario and Luigi:Bowser’s Inside Story. They show a new title called COP:The Recruit. It has a GTA feel to it. It’s also for the DS. More sales statistics ans crap about the DS. The they announce yet another portable title a new Donkey Kong Vs. Mario game. Then they say that Facebook will be available on the DSi. Now for the new gimmick or I mean product for the Wii. The vitality sensor. It clamps on your finger to register pulse and heart rate. The they announce a new full 3d Mario sequel. That’s right Mario Galaxy 2. It looks nice the graphics are a bit more sharp, but to be honest it just looks like the same game.

They go on to talk about games that we know about like the new Resident Evil and the conduit. Kind of a dead spot in the presser in my opinion. Thus far though I have not been very impressed with the whole event. Then the big announcement.

The one that all companies are going to have at the end of their presser. The game that is a shocker. For Nintendo it’s Metroid:Other M. A new Metroid game. It looks incredible. It is being made by the remaining members of Team Ninja. It will be released in 2010. Then it’s pretty much said and done. All in all I guess it was ok. Just seems to me it was very gimmicky. Anyway, I will be back later with Sony’s presser. At the time I write this the even is done just running a bit behind.


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