E3:Round Up Day 1

So yesterday I put all the important news that had been released at the time I wrote. Today I am starting with a round up from yesterday of the smaller news and maybe a few things I missed.

Crysis 2 is coming to consoles. The latest in the franchise will be coming to the Ps3, 360 and PC. Of course no release for the game yet. It looks like Kojima will be taking the reigns for the new Castlevania game. The new entry in the franchise will be called Lords of Shadow. The first two map packs for Modern Warfare 2 will be timed 360 exclusives.

Ubisoft showed off their new download service called U-Play, I cant imagine there is a reason to explain how it works. They are also giving TinTin:Secrets of the Unicorn game treatment. Also the demo for the game of James Cameron’s Avatar will come out this week. I think the biggest news from Ubisoft was that Assasins Creed 2 will hit this November.

That for the most part was all the things small thing I missed yesterday. I will be back later after the Nintendo and Sony Presser to talk about all the news from those events. The last I seen on the Nintendo presser they where showning The New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii. So I will be back later with all the details.


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