jggh:Year One Done.

It was over a year ago today that I had the idea for jggh. Thanks to TimSpeedle that idea became a reality. As a matter of fact it became a reality one year ago today.

jggh Started off as an idea. It was an idea to keep people together and keep people social. At a time when clans where popping up all over the place and everyone was starting a web site. I had made so many friends online and lost track of most of them. One that I kept in touch with was Speedle. My brother Baumdar5000 and myself thought of the idea, but had no outlet to make it happen. Then I received my Game Informer in the mail and read about a site named GameStrata.

It sounded awesome a web site that kept track of your game stats, rewarded you for asking questions and you guessed it, a space to allow you to make a clan. I checked it out. Before you knew it junegore’s Goodtime Gospel Hour was born. That’s right, Gospel Hour was the original name of this little project. Well what I found out was that GameStrata was not what I thought it was. After making a few friends and then not hearing from them again, I realized this was not what I wanted. It was full of Fanboys and assholes who thought they knew it all. I knew there had to be a change of venue.

That lead me to look into several free web spaces. Places like Geocities and Synthisite. All which I hated more than GameStrata. You could not really do anything except put what you wanted for what I would call a ‘mission’ statement. No updates, no blogs and no forums. Then I created a Windows Live space under a new name. junegore’s Goodtime Gaming Hour. By this point I was taking this thing serious, but was out of work and could not afford a web space. Tiger was already making merchandise for the project and I was getting frustrated with the whole thing. Then, Speedle came along and turned it from a project to a web site.

From there we ran with it. It has seen a lot of changes since that day a year ago. Even rebuilt from the ground up on a couple of occasions. The main thing: It’s still here! I said when this site opened I would constantly be changing things for the better. The site has grew and then fell back to the abyss multiple times. It has beaten me down and for some reason I keep coming back for more. The coming year has changes in store as well. None I will speak of now, but I’m very excited about them.

I guess there are reasons why I keep trying to improve things. Not just to make jggh a awesome venue for a community. It’s something else. The thing that makes me keep trying to make this site better are the people who where here on day one. Most of them are still here. I have had a lot of help along the way. By no means would this site be what it is if it had not been for The Team.

TimSpeedle, DroolingTiger, ChainerCygnus(hope to see you soon), Baumdar5000, Ettan and especially as of late ViridianJade. You are jggh, you and all the people who browse or who are members. Without all of you I would not have any reason to bug any of you… So a big thanks from me to all of you and I hope that more people will see whatever it is that all of you have seen or that you see in this community. So, remember Think. Live. Game. Welcome To The Hour!!


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