God of War 3 Bloodiness!!

Okay the day after i preordered my copy of GOW 3 Ultimate Edtion. I went to go check my email and what do you know i have an demo code in my inbox with my name on it

😀 Lil do i know is that is will take an hour and a half to download AND install on HD!Well with that outta the way i was on my way to playing some BLOODY GOW.*NOTE* this is the E3 Demo

It starts off just like how the 2 previous ones where it has Kratos face half covered and it says press start i love that. As i start the demo and start my slaying. I come to find out that not only do i have the chains of chaos but i also have a new Fistlike weapon called the Cestus that can pretty much beatdown everything in its way.A trusty bow is at Kratos disposal also but is somewhat limited to its hits such as a stamina bar underneath ur health when u start shooting enemies with it. 10 is the max # of hits you can use.As i continue my quest of what IDK.I come across a Harpy those flying half naked Women like birds that i have to shoot to bring them down so i can pull myself onto them with my chains and continue doing this with the surrounding harpies kinda like platforming in a way. Next i come across the a Centaur like creature that that has some skeleton enemies with him.He is carrying a staff that has some range to it so i use the my block button and outta of nowhere i counter his hit and im able to deal some extra damage to him.I do this a couple more times and hes down for the count.While this is all happening there is Helios the god of fire flying around in the back trying to knock one of the Titans off some Mountain IDK which one?As i get closer to the fight i reach a point where there is a giant crossbow i have to use to take down the god with his flying Flaming Chariot. But before i can reach it another a Chimera sneaks up on you and trys to take you out but a lil 3 hit combo and dodge should take him out in no time. The first time you stun it the circle button pops up starting the infamous button minigame that ends with the chimeras tail being sliced right off in one slice. Next is the bottom head YES it has two heads this one pretty much just fires flames at you dodge em them go in for the kill after stunning him and killing off that 1st head nxt is the bull like one where he charges at you learning to love the right analog stick i bop and weave his assaults stunning him one last time and Finally finishing him off by breaking off one of his 3 horns and impaling it right in the head! Next comes the tricky part because you have to time your shot with the giant crossbow and hit Helios right on.Took me about 10 minutes no joke to finally hit him. After The titan finally swats the GOD he crushes  him in the palm of his hand and then throws him across the screen.

Next some more harpie platforming to reach the other side. When you reach it now its your cue to to go finish him off but wait…WHATS THIS?A mini skeleton army forms around him protecting  him with shields. I was like “OH MY“! Then i switched to the Cestus and lay waste to them demolishing them but then a Giant Ogre appears confronting you so i took out his minions firs then moved onto him and after stunning him jus like the rest i enter the minigame once again. THEN comes the best part NOW i have him at my command to finish off the rest of them. After hes done with him Kratos grabs the ogres eye and just pulls it right out the socket and BLOOD just splatters everywhere BLOODYTACULAR!!! After this i go to Helios and enter yet another minigame and hes being persistent but a few twists of his neck. Hes pulls it right out of his body using it now as a weapon.Helios head is used sort of like the medusa head but in  different way. Such as to reveal secrets and as a light that you have to use to cross a Dark cave that leads to a vent. Where the Icarus wings come into play that has you dodging beams and fallen rocks at like 100 MPH Yes its intense after my 4th death i finally came to the end and it leads right to the Titan that you are apparently gonna FIGHT?Well the demos ends with MARCH 2010 on the screen.

Now im gonna break down how it controls. Its a mix between the GOW on psp and GOW 2 but with some nice new changes.The throw has more options. You can now press circle to grab them press it again rips them apart.Press triangle throws them and the square button will use the enemies as an object to ram enemies. The L1 button held down is for special moves. Square and L1 use the spinning chains move, Triangle is the double slamming chains move,and Cirlce is used like a long range grapple that will bring you closer to the enemies that helps out alot. The cestus works pretty much the same as the Chains of chaos but my favorite move of it is the square button held down will result in a 1,2 punch followed by 6 more punches ending with a might blow.Besides all these new moves and weapons the graphics do not dissapoint for it being a 6 month old demo. And its just gonna get better with the Final release. Okay now as i sit here typing the final words im hearing that this demo is sharable if anyone can confirm this let me know and ill see if i can share it with ya. That is if you have a Ps3 XP


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