Upcoming Joint Site Event!!

The results are in! Call of Duty 4 won the votes of both communities by a slim 1 VOTE. The game will be COD4 and now I am working out the kinks for the date and time of the event. As of now the event will be prob in the next week or so just so everyone can get the word out and make this event more successful than the one past. In other news we will be having a MW2 event coming up for all those gamers that went out and bought the newest edition of the COD series. More post will be to come and more details on both events will be stated.

**Edited! We will be doing MW2 instead of CoD4, newer games are more prone to people being interested. Plus MW2 is  omg great. Post your comments about this change is need be. Thanks again  Doug Kuhn, Event Director.

Think. Live. Game.



Doug Kuhn, Event Director


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