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No Activity???

By Doug, December 21, 2009 3 Randomology

I know most people are shy and don’t like to post anything but just because Eric is on a hiatus doen’t mean the site is suppose to be dead. Get your comments and thoughts out there! Yes he runs the site… Read More »

Affiliates Gaming Event

By Doug, December 1, 2009 9 Randomology

Our next gaming event will be with all of our afiliates. Whoever would want to play MW2 would send myself a message “Strictly Savage” and everyone that would not be able to get on MW2 could go with Eric “Junegore”… Read More »

Modern Warfare 2 Aftermath

By Doug, November 25, 2009 16 jggh, Randomology

Now tonight was a step up from the other gaming events I have put together more people came out and played with me. I think I had one person from gamermilk I do not know his gamertag I didnt catch… Read More »

Novemeber 25th Event

By Doug, November 21, 2009 26 jggh

Ok the 25th is more than likely going to be the set date for the gamermilk/jggh joint site event that will be played on Modern Warfare 2. Now knowing that some people may come and some people may not. If… Read More »

Modern Warfare 2 Review

By Doug, November 18, 2009 32 Randomology

I can be the first to tell everyone I thought MW2 would be a bad game from the start. I was wrong and I admit that I wish I could sit here and type about how crappy the game is… Read More »

Upcoming Joint Site Event!!

By Doug, November 12, 2009 6 jggh

The results are in! Call of Duty 4 won the votes of both communities by a slim 1 VOTE. The game will be COD4 and now I am working out the kinks for the date and time of the event…. Read More »

Upcoming Joint Site Event…

By Doug, November 2, 2009 57 jggh

We are doing a poll for what game you, our community would like to play on in the upcoming joint site event with Just for a starting point I own Left 4 Dead, Halo 3, COD4, NCAA Football 09,… Read More »

Results of Halloween Gaming Event…

By Doug, November 1, 2009 18 jggh

Not the best for an event but it’s a starting place. Things really didn’t go the way they were planned, I was unprepared and did not get time enough to get the word out for that, I am sorry. People that visit… Read More »