Holiday Discussion

Hello to all! Long time no see. I guess a discussion is a good way to see if anyone still comes here. This special Holiday Discussion comes from good friend and standing site member and staff Vegivo. Two questions for this discussion and very good ones at that.

1. What was your favorite game in 2009?

2. What game are you most looking forward to in 2010?

Great questions for us all to answer. I’m very curious to see what some of the answers are here.


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  • My favorit game of the year 2009….. hmmmm well PC- World of Warcraft, 360-Modern Warfare 2

    Year 2010….- Im wanting to say Halo Reach but from the looks of ODST it may not be as good as its thought to be…So I would have to be undecided for the time being thats saying that if I make up my mind ill repost 🙂

  • Well, as strange as it seems I really did not have a favorite game of 2009. There was alo tof good games out there and some that deserve mention, but I think that this year was a let down due to all the delays.

    I think that the game I'm looking forward to the most in 2010 is either Reach or the new Need for Speed from Criterion Games. I think that ODST was really good and a nice change up from Halo 3. So I have high hopes for Reach and NFS is being made by Criterion that's all I need to say.

  • Vegivo

    Well the only game that i kinda look forward to was…..Brutal Legend.Yep the one game with Jack Black in lol.The thing that i loved the most in that game was the FUCKING soundtrack OMG was that shit HEAVY.The one moment in the game that i loved was escaping in the Deuce from GIANT demons that are crashing down into the ground like meteors.And while this is all going on TTAF(Through the Fire and Flames)is playing.WOW!!Such an awesome feeling for myself.I wish i could be saying Uncharted 2 or even Assassins Creed 2 but i didnt even get to finish those games 🙁 Well the new year is here and the game im REALLY looking forward to is God of War 3 OMFG have i been hearing such good things about that game.The demo BLEW me away with the fucking amazing graphics.Heres my impressions i wrote about the demo after i played it over and over Anyways you get the idea.

  • Mickey

    My favorite game from 2009 was a shocker for me. Let me explain. Come november I was as excited as the next guy about modern warfare 2. So excited infact that the day of the release I snuck out with my friends to the midnight release and skipped school that day to play it. So i'm rolling along till december thinking its the best game ever. Then christmas rolls around. Well I wasnt expecting much of the games I got so I didnt play it for a couple of days. Then I finnally said “well this game is getting boring” So I popped in Left 4 dead 2. Well in my opinion that game sucked. So bad infact I didnt even finish playing it. I popped in the other one. It was at first really boring but then the plot picked up and I really got into it. So into it that I stayed up all night playing it whilst talking to a friend on xbox live. Ohhh and I feel stupid for just now mentioning but the game is AC2. Let me be the one to say that the game is just epic. It has an amazing story line thats pretty easy to follow. It has all kinds of twists and turns. The graphics were pretty good. It took everything good from AC1 and improved on it. Thats about it.

  • Mickey

    Ohhh and the game i'm most looking forward to in 2010 is GOW3 hands down.