Here Is Our FF13 360 Bundle


Square Enix has been surprisingly mum on plans to bring a limited edition of Final Fantasy XIII to North America. Japan gets one, as does Europe. What do we get? At the very least, an Xbox 360 “special edition” bundle.

According to a recent retail listing, Microsoft will be backing the role-playing game’s launch with the Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition Bundle, featuring the same 250GB hard drive previously packaged in with the Modern Warfare 2 limited edition.

Unlike Japan’s Final Fantasy XIII “Lightning Edition” PlayStation 3, which also shipped with a 250GB drive, it doesn’t appear to feature an image of the game’s heroine on the outside. According to the listing, this appears to be a stock Xbox 360, bundled with two Xbox 360 wireless controllers. (You know, for the splitscreen multiplayer portions…) The listing specifies black colored controllers and console casing, but the package is clearly “chill white.”

The Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition Bundle is listed for $399, a price that may not be final. Actually, none of this may be final.


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