Dru212’s XBL Quotes of the Week: 3/3-3/7


What’s up? This is Dru212 again, bringing you “XBL Quotes of the Week”. I’ve got a fresh batch of quotes for yall!

More and more gamers are becoming excited about this column. In the coming weeks, I will be switching it up a bit. I will be taking quotes but also will be asking gamers about current topics in the gaming world. In the same format, I will be showing their gamertags and responses. If you have any ideas yourself, please feel free to contact me on twitter or XBL. Here we go!

“I got jiggy with it! Did you get jiggy with it?” – said by RMT 96 and yes we here at JGGH do enjoy having our “it” with a jiggy.

“Peek-a-boo!” the perfect quote for every kill on MW2, heard by chipmunkzee

“I snap crackled in my pop”-said by RapidRanger05, pretty self-explanatory here….i think?

If “peek-a-boo” is a little too soft for you, you could always try “I will end you!” heard by Zakattak9.

“What’s your name little boy? Or are you a 38 year old woman?” You can never be too sure Isaac theleast, you can never be too sure.

Now if “I will end you” is a bit harsh, try calling your opponent some kind of fruit like, “You Kumquat!” said by Yung Brdi. Vegetables just aren’t insulting enough.

Many of you have heard, on many different online multiplayer games, “Don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me because I’m doing the ____________ glitch” You fill in the blank. Well, my humble advice is that you shoot them anyway and send their response to me!
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