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Hey! What’s up! Dru212 again! I’m back with another week of “XBL Quotes of the Week”. This week I switched it up a bit and decided to interview gamers on current games and game news. These gamers will weigh-in on some of the most current and budding topics on XBL. So, here we go!
One of the biggest topics circling around on XBL is the subject of the new Modern Warfare 2 DLC map pack. The buzz is around the name “stimulus package”. Is it hinting that it is free or of a lower price than usual DLC? This is what these gamers had to say:

Gamerzoid Dud3: I’m not expecting too much from it. I do believe they may give it out for free. I haven’t bought any map packs in the past. If it’s not free, I think I will still get it because it would be my first one.

BigJewekz: I hope it’s free. They will lose a lot of money if they don’t make it free. If it’s not free I probably won’t buy it. It was annoying when they kicked people out of games on COD: WAW for not having the maps. They better not start doing that.

Top Hat Jesus: I highly doubt it’s free. I probably won’t get it because of future games I want to buy instead. I think it will be cost 400-800 Microsoft points.

Ares Warchild: I don’t think any of it will be free. They’re here to make money. I think it’s called stimulus package because it will be better maps and ultimately provide a better gameplay experience. If it’s free I will download it but if not I probably won’t

The thing that surprised me is, out of everyone I surveyed, not many thought that it would be free. We’ve got a lot of hope but few solid “yes”. I also found it interesting that a good amount of people won’t get it if it’s not free. I would be the flip side of that coin. I do believe with all the legal trouble that has been around activision and infinity ward, the dlc may be put out for free or for a low price. If it’s not free, I probably will still get it.

I wanted to hear about from gamers if Modern Warfare 2 was better than Battlefield Bad Company 2. Since I do not own a copy of BBC2, I couldn’t give my own opinion on this. BobbyX65, bigdaddy349, and GhostStalker86 collectively weighed in. I asked these gamers to tell me their thoughts when comparing MW2 to BBC2. They all pretty much had the same opinion. They overall agreed that Battlefield Bad Company was the better game. These were the agreed plus sides to Battlefield Bad Company 2:
+Better Campaign
+Better Graphics
+Great Destruction Engine (Buildings blowing up when shot etc.)
+Better Game Modes
+Driveable Vehicles
+Squad Play

Do you agree with these gamers? What do you think about the MW2 Stimulus Package DLC? Let us know here in the comments and also on my twitter @Dru212 and also @JGGH. With that, I will leave you with the first full webisode being feature with “XBL Quotes of the Week”.
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