Sac Up and Play!

You know I love the Double XP weekends when Bungie decides to let everyone play all weekend on Living Dead. It just so happens that Living Dead is one of my favorite play lists. I have noticed that there is something broken. Like anything that is broken in Halo or for that matter any FPS title of course you are going to have sacless losers who exploits that broken weapon or hiding spot.

This is happening to me now in every game of Living Dead that I play. You have mindless morons taking a turret down in a hole or into a dead end and just standing there. Now really? Do these douche bags think it makes the games fun for everyone else when they are clearly exploiting a broken mechanic in the game just to have 35 kills at the end of the match in comparison to everyone else’s 4 kills? What are these guys even playing the damn game. If you don’t have enough respect or for other players or can garner enough common sense to realize that you are just ruining the game for everyone else then these guys just need to stop playing.

Now you may think I’m crying about this, but I’m not. This is not your standard grab a Rocket Launcher and camo type thing here. This happens in damn near every level in the Living Dead Play List that has a turret gun. If these people where just getting a few kills and going on, I could even not say anything. I mean come on we are all guilty of getting some cheap kills. To purposely exploit something like that in a play type that is supposed to be a fun weekend thing is sickening to me. So after becoming so frustrated last night that I decided to quit play, I have thought abut it and I think I have an answer for these guys.

How about Bungie adds a Play Lists to the matchmaking that will allow all sacless bitches to exploit all the games weak points, like having a giant machine gun on a level where you have no shield and only a sword. Then all of these ‘people’ can play in a group together and then they will not be ruining anyones good time. Instead they would have a place to play the way they wanted and we would have a place to play without them. It sounds genius. Since Bungie is not going to do that. I have a real solution too. How about all you bitches who play this way just fucking stop! Oh Wow! It’s so simple. Probably not a good article to start jggh back on, but you can only be screwed so many times by a guy with a giant machine gun…


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