This is a WTF BUNGIE!!! Halloween

Wow Halloween day has passed and i didn’t get to post i would tell you why but well its to scary. . . . . . well okay its what happened on halo that had me thinking all night. I had a personal experience with the Ghost of Blackout. Yeah its true its real i was playing BRz and Snipez with my friends on Blackout bungies blackout and well in the middle of the game i was killed with a lazor from the sky then we both came to middle to see what was going on a and well we were incinerated and it said you were incinerated by ??? and we were only people in game and it was invite only. WTF BUNGIE!!! WHO THE F*** IS ???

IS IT SHISKA ARE U SENDING SHISKA AFTER ME WITH THE BANHAMMER OR SOMETHING WTF. WHY WOULD YOU SEND A GHOST AFTER SOMEONE I NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU( Besides the one time i tried to hack you 😀 sorry bungie but yall got me back for that) So has this happened to anyone cause bubble shields and trip mines and flares was falling from sky i was being killed by lasers and rockets and even needlers and it was set to no weapons on map and only BRs and Snipers so WTF.

I was scared i not afraid to remember This is Shadow saying peace out and WTF BUNGIE!!!


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