Motorstorm Goes Apocalyptic

Evolution Studios brings MotorStorm to the Bay Area of California in MotorStorm Apocalypse, making urban areas suitable for off-road racing the only way the makes sense — total destruction.

It’s not post-apocalyptic, and it’s not pre-apocalyptic either. It’s just plain apocalyptic. Today Sony and developer Evolution reveal MotorStorm Apocalypse, the fourth game in the off-road racing series.

Where other MotorStorm games have taken place in wild locations like the Monument Valley or The Island, this latest iteration takes place in The City, based off of the Bay Area of California. After a huge tremor leaves the city abandoned, the ‘Stormers move in to race, but the earthquakes are far from over.

The City is your playground, but it’s one dangerous playground. Bridges buckle and twist, buildings collapse, and rifts open up beneath your wheels as you drive.

And nature isn’t your only enemy in the single player portion of the game. Evolution’s game director Matt Southern warns that two other groups have stayed behind, ready to aid in the destruction of The City. More news on those groups will come later.

The single player mode features a series of races over a set number of tracks, like any other racer, but in MotorStorm Apocalypse, no track is the same twice. As you race, the tracks get damaged. The ground tears open, scenery tumbles to the ground. When you play your next race on that particular track, the damage stays. It’s persistent. I love that idea.

And multiplayer sounds even better.

Taking a cue from today’s more popular online shooters, MotorStorm Apocalypse’s Wreckreation mode will feature ranks players can achieve through winning races, as well as perks that can be earned as your rank increases, allowing players to modify vehicle handling, boosting, and offensive capabilities.

Players will even be able to create their own game modes, setting the rules and conditions for winning, bringing them online to play with friends and strangers.

Multiplayer will allow for up to 16 players online, four player split-screen local multiplayer, or any combination of those two. Yes, you and four friends can play online in the same living room.

While there’s tons more information to be revealed, with some doubtlessly coming from E3 next week, this should be more than enough to pique the interest of PlayStation 3 racing fans.



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