What Kind of Gamer Are You?

So I was thinking about the different types of gamers that I have ran across while playing Reach since it launched and for the first time I labeled myself. I am what I would call a pure gamer. I play games for the joy of playing them. I play through a game multiple times and enjoy it every time. That’s not to say that I’m not competitive, but I would not label myself as a Competitive gamer.

I think there are all sorts of types of gamers and I also think that you can label your self based on how you play. So the purpose of all this rambling is to find out what you of gamers you are. Label your self or use some of the labels you have heard. Are you a gamer who games for fun? Are you a gamer who plays a certain genre? Are you a competitive gamer? Or are you a mix of something different? I’m really looking forward to getting some answers and see how varied they are. What type of gamer are you?


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