Free Reign To Do Anything

Over the course of the past few months I have seen the game industry to some less that stand up things. Overcharge for DLC that is already in the game, throw more and more shovel ware to just name a few. My question is simple. I wonder if the game industry can ever do anything to turn us away from gaming? Could the game industry have free reign to do whatever they please to us, the gamers and never suffer any set backs?

Think about all the things that are done to us gamers. Look at how publishers will whore a franchise to the bitter end and how we all bitch about it till the day it’s released and then we are right back on the band wagon. Activision is one of the worst people for actively trying to find ways to screw over the game community. For that matter EA is just as guilty, but in different ways. Not releasing DLC for any PC games, or maybe shoving Madden so far down our throats that we are on the verge of becoming porn stars. Even after all the shady things that the industry does we keep coming back just to say “Yes, Sir may I have another?”.

Take Microsoft and Sony and there hard attitude towards modding a system. Sure, I do not agree that systems should be modded, especially with the current generation of games heading in the direction of online gameplay. I also think that if you buy something and it’s yours you should be able to do what ever you want to do to it. Now, I realize that opens all sorts of doors for pirating, but pirating is something that has been going on in the film and music industry for a long time. Any form of entertainment that is main stream is going to be stolen. I think that’s pretty much common sense, but to say that you can’t do something to your own property is just way out of line.

Granted these are all tiny examples of the problem that I speak of, but at some point we as gamers are going to have to take a stand and say enough is enough. Sadly I don’t see that ever happening though due to the fact that the industry is so huge. There will always be someone that will turn the other cheeks or not really care. Me personally I’m damn tired of the game industry that we support doing whatever the hell they feel like doing and the only people to feel the effects are the people who are keeping them in business.


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