Celebrate Bungie’s 20th Anniversary in Style!

From June 27th to July 3rd, Bungie are celebrating the week of their 20th Anniversary, and they aim to send Halo off with a bang. There will be a whole host of things going off through the week, and you can join in the fun right now.

Just this morning, Bungie launched their mobile app for iOS, and will be shortly launched on the Android app store. With this app, you can link your Bungie.net profile, and view all of your and your friends stats, medals, commendations and armor on the move. Alongside this, there is a little tab on the app called ‘Love Bungie’ and here, you can claim two very special rewards.

The first, you can unlock the blue flaming helmet, which was once exclusive to Bungie employees. I must say, aside from all the messages you’ll get asking “r u bungie?”, it’s damn cool to have.

The second thing you can receive is the ‘All Stars’ nameplate, which was, again, once exclusive to Bungie employees, as well as special community members. It makes a nice looking replacement for the standard DMR or Halo logo.

So, be sure to go and download the app right now, for free! Even if it’s just for the amazing Halo stuff, you can keep track of your stats as a neat little feature. You can view the full schedule of Bungie’s celebrations here, including the sale of random ‘Swag Sacks’ full of random Bungie swag. *Prays for international shipping*


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