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Poll is Up!

By Eric Baumgardner, March 12, 2010 0 Events, jggh

First I would like to tell you all to look right. Ha Ha! You will see a poll. Please vote. If you plan to play in our Community Play Date on June 13 you should be vocal about what you… Read More »

Blur Beta Game Night Recap

By Eric Baumgardner, March 9, 2010 1 Events, jggh

Oh how I was not thinking when deciding to make a game night based around a beta. So many problems while trying to play the game. Somehow though from what I can gather it was still a blast. First off… Read More »

BLUR Beta jggh Game Night Reminder

By Eric Baumgardner, March 8, 2010 0 Events, jggh

BLUR Beta codes have went out to all. Dru212 has already downloaded his and is ready for some racing tonight. I hope to see some people come to race. The event starts at 11 PM Est and goes till when… Read More »

Events Are Coming

By Eric Baumgardner, March 7, 2010 6 Events, jggh

Yes, finally after all this time of waiting to get things going the way I’ve wanted them to go around here we can start to enjoy some of the benefits. We have a lot of events on the way. Now… Read More »

March 8th jggh BLUR Beta Game Night

By Eric Baumgardner, March 3, 2010 3 Events, jggh

On Monday March 8th the BLUR Beta kicks off on the Xbox 360. We here at jggh have been giving beta codes away. If you get in the beta rather you got a code from here or elsewhere we want… Read More »


By Jurassic John, February 23, 2010 1 Events, jggh

I promised this all niter well ( THIS FRIDAY AT 9:30 WHO EVER BUYS IT WILL GET FAST Achievements !@! it will take 2 half days but 1 if we start soon¬† but all players who wants this needs to… Read More »

Play With The XBL Ambassadors

By Eric Baumgardner, February 20, 2010 2 Events, jggh

This Tuesday February 23 from 8 to 11 EST you can have a chance to play with myself and other XBL Ambassadors. We will be playing Burnout: Paradise. For more details be sure to check the 360 dashboard.