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Rockstar Announces new DLC for RDR

By Kancer, July 8, 2010 1 Randomology

Four packs of add-on downloadable content will be released for PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE over the next few months, starting with the ‘Legends and Killers’ Pack at the beginning of August and culminating with the Red Dead Redemption ‘Undead… Read More »

PS3 firmware 3.40

By Eric Baumgardner, June 28, 2010 3 Randomology

PS3 firmware update 3.40 is on the way “soon,” according to Sony, but since it adds the framework for PlayStation Plus, which launches tomorrow, we think it’s safe to expect the update to arrive today or early tomorrow. In addition… Read More »

Movie Fans Suck

By Eric Baumgardner, June 23, 2010 0 jggh, Randomology

A couple of days ago I was reading about some Toy Story 3 news and was very upset by what I read. Then today I read another article and seen the same things. Not in the actual article, but in… Read More »

Are You Practicing Safe Tactics?

By ReaperV69, April 6, 2010 0 Randomology

When it comes to anything that involves entering a password and a user name you are always worried about security. This includes your bank account, storage, and your email account. You want to know that your information is safe.  You… Read More »

Achievement Lurker Ep.2

By ShadowUltimatum, March 26, 2010 0 Randomology

Welcome back to the wonderful world of achievements. Such a wonderful life i know, but thats not the important part today we will be getting  2 Resident Evil 5 achievements and and 1 Bioshock Achievement and 1 Dead Space achievement  remember suggest… Read More »

Achievement Lurker Ep. 1

By ShadowUltimatum, March 18, 2010 1 Randomology

We have not heard from Shadow in a good while, but here is the first in his new set of posts. Let us know what you think First 3 quick achievements come from Halo 3 they are Two for One, … Read More »

Dru212’s “XBL Quotes of the Week”+ Exclusive Webisode

By Dru212, March 14, 2010 2 Randomology

Hey! What’s up! Dru212 again! I’m back with another week of “XBL Quotes of the Week”. This week I switched it up a bit and decided to interview gamers on current games and game news. These gamers will weigh-in on… Read More »

NFS: SHIFT Review (A Few Months Late)

By Eric Baumgardner, March 11, 2010 0 Randomology

Rating: A very fun and re-freshing entry into the NFS series. This arcade/sim racer can stand with some of the best racing titles available. For those 360 achievement junkies the gamer score is pretty easy to come by, but like… Read More »