Terminator Salvation is the newest in the franchise. For the first time ever we are subjected to the war against the machines. The mere site of the machines is epic in it self. Since this is the first time we actually get to see the war in “real time” and not in flashbacks you realize that the human race is truly in a battle for survival.

In the war against the machines the globe has been united under the Resistance. One flag, all nations. Instead of civilians you have soldiers and outcasts. The outcasts are people who want nothing to do with the war but have to fight when it hits them. A barren wasteland of death and destruction that used to be Hollywood. This is the battle field that you fight on. The soldiers are the people that of course fight, but they get their orders from people who aren’t even fighting the war. This is the resistance.

The movie should not be billed as “Christian Bale stars in” it should be “Sam Worthington stars in”
since the movie centers around Marcus and Kyle.   John Connor is pushed to the background only there to progress the story instead of being the story. Sam Worthington gives a good performance and you really believe who he is and you feel sorry for him. The action and the effects are really good and the story is okay. You find out how John Connor became the leader of the resistance and how he got the scar over his eye. The comedy and little throw backs to the other movies are cool and make you kinda giggle but its not to over done. McG has redeemed himself for Charlies Angles 2. The movies is no Judgment Day, but it sure as hell is better than Rise of the Machines. Not the best movie this year but one to check out.

3.5 out of 5.
B-dar out.


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