JGGH update #3 (a bit late)

I am back to a state of function. I have dealt with all my computer problems and now will be back to posting on my regular topics. With that being said I would like to catch you up on what’s going on here at JGGH.

To start with the podcast is turning out to be a great feature that we have added. A big shout out to Chainer for putting all that hard work into it. Speaking of Chainer, I would like to remind everyone that we have our wiki page that he started for us. If you guys have anything to contribute to the wiki feel free to go for it.

Also I would like everyone to keep TimSpeedle in mind as this web site would not be near as great as it is without him. That brings me to another new feature. Our blog project called june Vs. Speedle. It is a three part series of blogs that is played out like a debate. The first one is down in the books as you can go to the forums and vote for who you think took the win. Check it out in the Off Topic section.

Speaking of the forums, we have added post ranks. So be sure to check out your rank and see how long it takes you to move up. As you’re doing that you may notice a new section in the forums called Clan Section. There you will find the new home of the RAWR Guild. We are pleased to have them and call them part of the JGGH family. Welcome guys!

We have some upcoming events to look out for. For all you Burnout fans, Cagney will go live on the 360 Monday morning. In the wake of this update, Chainer will be pulling an all nighter. He will be downloading the update and post in the forums every hour on the hour all night and day long. If anyone would like to make a game night on the event calendar feel free to do so. As always we are ever looking for new ways to expand this site and make it better.

Also for all you PS3 people we now have official JGGH themes for your PS3. Just go to http://www.bestps3themes.com and search for Drooling Tiger or UWG. The theme should pop up there for you. You can do this straight from your PS3. Also check out all the cool JGGH gear in the store. Speaking of the store Chainer is having a contest through the pod cast. Any one that can think of an intro to the pod cast or a section of the pod cast e-mail it to him. The winner will get a t-shirt of their choice from the store. For all the contest details listen to podcast #2.

With all my gabbing over with now I guess all I have to say is get in there, game, have fun, be social and Welcome to the Hour.


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