Shadow Back!?? WTF BUNGIE!!!?


I’m back for now been grounded and no internet excapt on my phone which the box u type in doesnt show up on my phone for some reason id kwhen the next WTF BUNGIE!!! will be but sorry for not posting for awhile im sure no one noticed though 😛 ill try to give u a moment right now

So i was palying on longshore and helping some friends of mine make a video (PS new gamertag my other one broke 😛 new GT is AbyssmalShadow7) and a tank fell from sky and hit us idk if it was planned or not but still creepy just like the forge ball in Cold Storage(that one sucked) Halo has become weird lately i really can’t think of anything right now sorry people idk if ill be back or not doing WTF BUNGIE!!! i might start something new idk yet bare with me though if i had any fans on that topic thanks ill try to wright more

—ShadowUltimatum (aka AbyssmalShadow7)


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