1600 MS Points?

The day has come. The Xbox 360 Community Play Date has arrived.

On June 13, we here at jggh and hopefully some great peeps from the LIVE community will be cranking out Burnout: Paradise. We are going to be doing everything from Challenges to racing. It will be from 8 to 11 PM Est. I think that it will be good timing to be playing a Criterion game due to very soon coming news of NFS from Criterion. Either way we’re going to be tearing up Paradise for about 3 hours or longer. The night don’t stop there though.

Later in the wee hours of the morning a select few here at jggh will be playing Red Dead Redemption. If you played earlier with us on our Play Date and then join us later for RDR a select individual will get 1600 MS points for participating and supporting jggh. I look forward to seeing who all comes out to join us and play my favorite game and then moving on to another great game.


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