Nintendo Switch Online Delayed; $20 Price Confirmed

After vague details and a lot of speculation, Nintendo has finally detailed their paid online option.


Coming from an update update to their official site for the Switch, Nintendo confirmed the official name of the service. Known as Nintendo Switch Online, it will cost $3.99 a month, $7.99 for 3 months, and $19.99 for a year. This is much cheaper than both Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus, which currently cost about $60 a year. On top of that, you will have access to a Netflix-like catalog of NES and SNES games with added online multiplayer and all the voice chat options you can expect.


The voice chat phone App will be out this summer, but the majority of the service has been delayed until next year.


Sounds pretty good to me! What do you think about Nintendo Switch Online? Let us know in the comments!


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