HaHa JGGH community welcome to Lets Make a Deal . . . (wait what wrong show damn)

Ok nevermind welcome to this blog ūüėõ so well im gonna start numbering these and this one be ¬†Number 1. Well I’ve learned im addicted to achievements so i been getting them all i can so i ¬†was working for pull on Citadel well i picked up shotgun just fine it was in team dubs and other ¬†team wasnt playing so i got their shotgun and my teammate Kai(very cool guy) got ¬†rocketlauncher so i was going aroung killing them i got a killing frenzy with just shotgun kills ¬†no melees and didnt get the achievement . . .WTF BUNGIE!!!

Why keep my achievement for me do you hate me cause i have a feeling you hate me i mean seriously why keep my achievement away from me i know you do it to other people to like i hear about people not getting their 2 for 1 and mongoose mowdown and marathon man achievements before even campaign achievements i mean WTF and seriously whats with Halo ODST release some damn DLC some people are looking out for it i mean i am like new firefight maps or maybe a online play that actually searches for people like Halo 3 and like Gears of War 2 (Horde) but seriously WTF release some new stuff we looking for it and give us our godd*mn achievements\

Peace out people,

Jason (aka AbyssmalShadow7)

P.S Add me people and comment oh and be sure to read Achievement Lurker and comment and tell me what achievements you need.

P.P.S Watch out this summer for Kayzer’s Revenge from BLACKNEND your truly will be in it and it will be awesome Kayzer’s Revenge is the 2nd movie the first is The Many Face of BLACKNEND heres the link to it Be sure to watch that its great.

Kayzer’s Revenge Description- Evil BLACKNEND is back and with a plan is bringing the all powerful Kayzer¬†with. Who knows why Evil BLACKNED is bringing Kayzer into the picture probably something big to do with the¬†DaCheif 404 Crew


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