Preview: Prizeball Tower

It has become almost tradition that when we have a Xbox Community Playdate we play some version of Prizeball. We started it 2 events back and this is now our fifth event.

In previous events the idea has been that a jggh team would help every other 2 man team and only attack the ball carrying team unless attacked. This was confusing and too in-depth. This time things are a little different. Below I’ll detail the rules, difficulty and what rewards you may reap.

Rules: Five teams of two will have to attack the heavily defended jggh Tower to retrieve the Prizeball and hold on to it as long as you can. The game works with Hot Potato rules, which means that every minute or two the ball will explode and reset. The Orange team (6 person jggh team) will not go after the ball and only defend the ball and the tower. The other teams will fight each other as well as the jggh Team to retrieve the ball and win. At the end of a 15 minute round, the team with the highest score wins.

Difficulty: This may be the hardest game of Oddball you’ve ever played. The tower is not an easy task to accomplish. The jggh team has the edge with locations that the other teams can’t reach as well as weapons and abilities that will not be available to other teams. On top of all this you must defend against the other two person teams as well as climb the tower every time the ball resets. Each team will find plety of assets to accomplish the task, but with out any doubt you have a task ahead of you.

Prizes: The winning team will receive a XBL downloadable code. These codes could be full XBLA games, Avatar Items or MS points. There will also be an easter egg hidden somewhere in the map, if you find this, you also get a code. There will be 3 games of Prizeball ran through out the night, and we will pick random players from each game to come back and play in the final game to have yet another chance to win.

Needless to say by playing this gametype and map you’re begging to be heavily irritated and on the verge of rage quitting. But if you can last till the end and have good team work and skill to win, it’ll all pay off. Check back every day this week for a new map preview and more details as we build to Friday February 10 when we play Reach from 8 to 11 PM Est. Be there!


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