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Sac Up and Play!

By Eric Baumgardner, April 26, 2010 3 jggh

You know I love the Double XP weekends when Bungie decides to let everyone play all weekend on Living Dead. It just so happens that Living Dead is one of my favorite play lists. I have noticed that there is… Read More »


By ShadowUltimatum, April 3, 2010 0 jggh

HaHa JGGH community welcome to Lets Make a Deal . . . (wait what wrong show damn) Ok nevermind welcome to this blog 😛 so well im gonna start numbering these and this one be  Number 1. Well I’ve learned… Read More »

A New Community Halo 3 Video

By Eric Baumgardner, March 21, 2010 2 Events, jggh

You may remember the above video from a few months back. I said then that it was so fun to make digging in peoples file shares and seeing all the epic pics I found. I also found some awesome videos,… Read More »

Shadow Back!?? WTF BUNGIE!!!?

By ShadowUltimatum, January 27, 2010 3 Randomology

I’m back for now been grounded and no internet excapt on my phone which the box u type in doesnt show up on my phone for some reason id kwhen the next WTF BUNGIE!!! will be but sorry for not… Read More »

This is a WTF BUNGIE!!! Halloween

By ShadowUltimatum, November 2, 2009 4 Randomology

Wow Halloween day has passed and i didn’t get to post i would tell you why but well its to scary. . . . . . well okay its what happened on halo that had me thinking all night. I… Read More »


By ShadowUltimatum, October 29, 2009 6 Randomology

Sorry for not posting in a couple days but im back Once again Shadows back for a new WTF BUNGIE moment and this one happens alot to people. . . at least it does to me. So this morning i… Read More »


By ShadowUltimatum, October 26, 2009 8 Randomology

I guess this can be considered my first one even though i already made one. This is WTF BUNGIE!!! So Bungie what do you have to so about yourself you have great games but faulty against lag and all that…. Read More »

Shadow has Arrived

By ShadowUltimatum, October 24, 2009 2 Randomology

Ello all i have arrived to see if i can introduce my WTF Bungie moments if junegore shall let me. First WTF Bungie moment is have you ever been playing halo and you throw oh lets stay a plasma or… Read More »